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Call for papers, to be distributed widely!

*October 11^th - 13^th 2016, Brest, France*

Call for papers, to be distributed widely!
*October 11^th - 13^th 2016, Brest, France*

An IUGG and IEEE-OES meeting

A Connected Ocean (ACO): new approaches, new technologies, new challenges for knowledge of ocean processes

      Call for papers  - Deadline: May 6th 2016

The ocean plays a major role in the earth climate, storing heat and
carbon dioxide. Human activities put marine ecosystems under a growing
pressure: ocean acidification and deoxygenation resulting from
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, marine pollution, or increased
pressure by fishing. In order to build scenarios for the future and
better manage our oceans, more accurate, complete, and integrated ocean
observing systems are necessary.

Ocean observation products have considerably increased  in the past
decades, in quality, quantity, and diversity. As new technologies and
data processing tools are reshaping our knowledge of the ocean,
integrating the data from observations into a coherent and standard
managing system remains a huge challenge in our digital era. At an
international level there is already such €œcurrent efforts of scientists
and engineers to design tools and methods to explore the "blue economy"
of the ocean's depths and understand its critical interactions with the
earth's ecosystem€. For instance, the EU promotes projects around an
Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System.

The challenge for future ocean knowledge and data integration sets the
stage for this conference.
*_Five sessions are planned:_*

  * *New autonomous approaches to the measurement of biogeochemical rates;*
  * *Interoperability standards for the marine environment;*
  * *Multimodal synergies in ocean studies;*
  * *Big Data infrastructure and analytics in ocean science;*
  * *Integrated observations of upwelling systems.*

Each session will bring together experts in three scientific fields:
*physical and biogeochemical ocean processes; new technologies and sensors for ocean observations; 
applied mathematics, computer science and data processing*.

Sessions will be organised in an oral sequence with invited *talks and short contributed orals*, 
and a *poster session*. Additionally, a few *round tables* will allow discussion of cross-cutting topics.

*Submit your abstract for an oral or poster contribution <>*

*More information about ACO <>*

*More information about Sea Tech Week:*

ACO2016 is organised during the 10^th edition of *Sea Tech Week*
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