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photo of paolo domenici Qualification: Research Manager / Ecophysiology
Operational Unit: Oristano
Phone number: +39 0783 229141null+39 0783 229141
Skype: paolodomenici
Fax:  +39 0783 229135
Curriculum vitae: File PDF  (164 KB)

Paolo Domenici (PhD in Zoology, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1993). General areas of research interest: Eco-Physiology, Ecomorphology, Biomechanics, Animal Behavior, Conservation Physiology, Marine Biology, Fish Biology. Specific subjects of research: Animal locomotion (performance, kinematics, energetics and scaling); Anti-predator tactics (e.g. escape responses, group behaviour); Predator-prey interactions; Animal behaviour in relation to environmental variables; Short-range orientation.

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